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bullet Comprehensive researcher profile launch Researcher Profile go!

Generates a quantitative profile of a scientist's research areas
and proficiency within those.

  • Research areas
  • Publication history (includes patents)
  • Collaborator profiles
  • Funding history and sources
  • Overall prominence ranking based on the GOPR score

bullet Scientist's funding history launch Researcher Funding History go!

Provides a detailed listing of a scientist's funding history.
See list for source coverage.

  • Funding sources
  • Project title
  • Amount funded
  • Grant number

bullet Find domain experts Find researcher with domain expertise go!

Finds and ranks scientists with expertise in specific domains using keyword searches.

bullet Scientist's patenting history Researcher Patenting History go!

Lists a scientist's U.S. patent history.

bullet Scientists that are similar to each other launch Comparable Researchers go!

Using a scientist's last name, searches the ResearchScorecard database to return a ranked list of similar researchers; useful for finding scientists with expertise in research domains similar to those of a known researcher.

bullet Ranked scientists launch Browse Researchers go!

Ranks scientists according to overall score, funding, publication productivity and other factors; useful for quickly comparing the productivity of researchers in a visual manner.

select domain Reports that pertain to departments | people

bullet Comprehensive departmental profile launch researcher profile go!

Provides a quantitative profile of a department's research activity.

  • Research areas
  • Publication history (including patents)
  • Funding history
  • Patent history and sources