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What is it?
BuddyGrant is a free service that notifies you via e-mail of NIH or NSF grants recently awarded to
one of your collaborators

Example of BuddyGrant e-mail notification of grants newly awarded to a collaborator

 IMPORTANT: To receive BuddyGrant notifications, you must be a researcher LISTED IN THE RESEARCHSCORECARD DATABASE. If you are unsure whether you are listed, please use the Researcher Profile tool.
What is it for?
BuddyGrant is a great way to keep tabs on collaborators when it comes to their research funding.
Things to know
  • checkmark We will never communicate your registration information outside of ResearchScorecard. Each BuddyGrant e-mail provides the ability to cancel the service in two clicks.
  • checkmark We define "collaborator" as any person for which our database knows you have published with.
  • checkmark A "new" award is one that the recipient doesn't already have in the period prior to the year in which you register for notifications.