ResearchScorecard notification tools
Taking monitoring to the next level

Information is power. ResearchScorecard provides several types of monitoring services for academic and commercial monitoring:
1. BuddyGrant, a free service that notifies you of NIH or NSF grants recently awarded to one of your collaborators [more]  
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2. GrantCards: sales lead reports that deliver highly qualified prospects in the academic life sciences market, based on recent grant awards AND publications. You can get notified whenever a new report is available, no purchase necessary [more]  
launch GrantCards report generator go! (requires login)
3. Custom surveillance agents. We can provide custom software agents to notify you of a wide range of topics for:
  •  a single researcher
  •  a department
  •  an entire institution
  •  a research field
  •  a trademarked product

Examples of custom monitoring agents:
  • new applications of a product, down to very specific topics, e.g., using a fluidic micromechanical machine to ascertain inflammation in breast cancer.
  • new publications, grants or patents awarded to a specific researcher.
  • new Request For Proposals (RFPs) for a specific topic.
  • determining when a new type of grant (e.g., ARRA funding) has been issued to anyone.

If you don't see an example that resonates with your needs, just ask us: [JosObfuscator] ULqi?nI>Z+fqwhu:oibRrh0oicm@erCs?6v.@wfr_yBe9Z9s=h6veQaqnqdr^cFh^Rts:?7c^oK9t(r^XUe+1cwatr_dO6V~+.9cDKo#m)! Very likely we can field a monitoring agent for your topic on a contractual basis.