Keeping tabs on collaborator funding with BuddyGrant

BuddyGrant is a free notification service that alerts academic bioresearchers of NIH or NSF grants recently awarded to a collaborator.

To use BuddyGrant, you just need to have published at least one scientific publication listed in PubMed AND to already be known to the ResearchScorecard database. It's that easy, and it's free.

screenshot of BuddyGrant collaborator award notification system

Interested? Then register here. All that is needed is your name and e-mail address -- you don't even need a ResearchScorecard account!

If you ever want to discontinue BuddyGrant, you can do so directly from within a notification, as each e-mail includes the ability to cancel the service in two clicks. We will never communicate your e-mail outside of ResearchScorecard.