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Yannick Pouliot is the founder and CEO of ResearchScorecard Inc.

During the latter part of his career, Dr. Pouliot became increasingly convinced that basic research could be substantially enabled if scientists were more efficient in handling their daily load of information.

Specifically, Dr. Pouliot observed that individuals in knowledge organizations are frequently ignorant of the research performed in laboratories just down the hall, sometimes with significant (albeit hidden) consequences. This is especially troubling when one considers that scientific and technical human expertise are amongst the most commercially valuable types of assets. The problem can only grow as Life Sciences research becomes ever more interdisciplinary.

ResearchScorecard was thus founded on the notion that the scientific enterprise can no longer afford to operate in such a disconnected fashion. To this end, it offers data collection and mining solutions to facilitate scientific networking, courtesy of scientists who've been there.

You can read more about ResearchScorecard in Hope Leman's 2009 interview of Dr. Pouliot on AltSearchEngines.com

Dr. Pouliot spent 15 years as a computational biologist developing biocomputational software systems. He has published 13 peer-reviewed scientific publications, several book chapters, and is an inventor on four patent applications. His career has alternated between biopharmaceutical companies such as Sequana Therapeutics and Kalypsys Inc., life sciences software vendors such as Molecular Simulations (now Accelrys), DoubleTwist and Penguin Computing, and academic institutions such as Stanford University, where he was the Lane Medical Library's first Bioresearch Informationist.  He holds a PhD in Biology from McGill University and an MBA in Technology Management.